4 February 2001

The year is shaping up, and all I had to do was quit my job. (Don’t worry, LOTS of freelance work on my plate — if you want me to write for you great but I won’t be starving .) That whole getting-pushed-out thing became a lot easier when I realized I was not just ready but absolutely frothing to go. And something curious turned up: The guy who’ll be editing the section has a wife who spent serious (and recent) time at RealNetworks. One of his main writers has a husband at Microsoft. An Amazon spouse would complete the whole conflict-of-interest set, and that’s when I decided to hang it up for real. After all, all that a journalist has in this world is her credibility. That and sharp pencils. Wish me luck and tune in for the rebirth, resurrection and downright FRESH START of the mailing list. Now that they’re got me babbling once a week, I have to take all this energy somewhere.

4 February 2001

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