12 September 2001

I mean to blog. I have much bloggage. But I can’t quit watching the TV, can’t shut off the radio, can’t quit intake. And, like most of New York, I also can’t sleep. So instead of writing just now I will type instead, and leave you two quotes I don’t plan to use in the thing I’m writing. In these troubled times we must use things efficiently. We don’t want The Authorities to institute word rationing, now do we, which is the point of at least one of these utterances:

“They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.”

– That’s from Ben Franklin c.1784, who had faced things even worse, in their time, than this thing.

“You killed my people and you fucked up my skyline. I am America. I am half redneck and half lawyer. And I will bury you and everything you love. Your grandchildren will mock your memory.”

– That’s from me, and yet it does not fit with what I mean to say, which says much about the tension of writing it and why it takes so long.

12 September 2001

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