27 October 2001

The USA Patriot Act (HR 3162) passed the Senate 98-1, so there’s your privacy rights out the window. (No worries, your elected officials threw a few passages from the BIll of Rights out there to keep ’em company.) 98-1. 98-to-fucking-1, with only Russ Feingold standing up for democracy and Mary Landrieu presumably hanging her head in shame on behalf of generations to come. (Shame. US Congress. Huh. I made a funny.)

Does this make anyone feel better, knowing that the government now has unprecedented powers of surveillance and no reins on it to speak of? (What, the Supreme Court? You’re on crack. Or did you miss that “election” last year?) Seeing members of the National Guard stationed in airports makes you feel more secure about flying, as long as they’re watching out for People Like Them? You’re willing to undergo a little inconvenience for a little safety? Fuck you. This is the government you’ll get — government by thugs with guns — and I’m beginning to think it’s the government you deserve. I don’t think, however, that I did anything to deserve it. Thanks a bunch. Enjoy your police state.

27 October 2001

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