30 October 2001

Especially When Played By Brad Pitt In A Tuxedo Dept.: A fine typo in today’s spam — “The initial symptoms for Anthrax are cold and flu. In order for Anthrax to be treated, ANTIBIOTICS MUST BE ADMINISTERED BEFORE ANY MORE SERIOUS SYMPTOMS OCCUR,
OTHERWISE, DEATH IS ALMOST EMINENT.” Note to self: Be on best behavior when meeting Joe Black, as it were. In other news, I’m dealing with the wonders of air travel Thursday for the first time Since. Vegas oddsmakers report the following:

– Odds of AG dying in horrific terrorist attack: 10000000000:1

– Odds of AG’s beloved laptop dying at security check due to rough/incompetent handling: 5:1

– Odds of one of AG’s five pieces of electronic equipment dying at security, as above: 1:2

– Odds of AG exercising a First Amendment right at the wrong National Guardsman and missing her flight while her friends scramble to make her bail: 8:1

– Odds of AG starting the flight worrying about terrorism, spending the flight worrying about civil liberties, and ending the flight worrying about the lack of circulation in her legs thanks to nasty economy seating configurations: push.

30 October 2001

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