6 February 2002

Hmm. Ahem. WELL. Direct from my mailbox (and published in its entirety; I think the writer wouldn’t be offended, and maybe that was his goal), this. I tell you merely that you should know.


I demand total and perfect happiness for every man woman and child,

Forever and ever and ever and ever.

To achieve that

I need everyone to understand that space ends, space does not go on forever, it ends.

The big difference between space ending or not ending is if space does not end then space does not have a shape but once you understand
that space ends then space can take a shape and that shape can move.

Then I need to talk to everyone three times half hour each time at the end of the third half hour the rapture shall occur and everyone shall be taken to heaven.


We now return you to the rest of your life.

6 February 2002

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