17 February 2002

This is a very sad story that poses the eternal question: Is it worse than politicians can be evil? Or that voters can be stupid? Many of the rural areas of Washington voted for rollback that certain lobbyists and would-be lawmakers claimed went from their pockets to the roadways of Seattle and Tacoma (that is, the urban areas). Now those areas have discovered that gee, as it turns out they were lied to. So you make the ethical call: Are these folk, about to lose their way of life to this fiasco…

– Venal for obeying the greed that blinded them?

– Worse than venal for responding to the thinly-veiled racism Washingtonians will remember from the Initiative 695 campaign?

– Merely stupid, for not thinking through the clear fallacies in the 695 pitch?

– Wronged, since they were duped by politicial interests that used and discarded them like a leaky love doll?

I’m asking.

17 February 2002

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