18 February 2002

Want to know who my favorite neophyte journalist is? Joanna Jackson is my favorite neophyte journalist. Want to know who the most brain-dead person in publishing is? Luci Prinz, intern coordinator for the Atlantic Monthly. Fortunately, she was stupid enough to put this act of blatant discrimination in writing, so you can read this article and find out how Joanna and Luci collided. Go Joanna! (Update: Get it while it’s hot: Romenesko’s letters column calls this discrimination what it is, not only ageist but classist. And they don’t stop with the Atlantic Monthly, either. For those of you laboring in the world under the delusion that the people who put out magazines have or want anything in common with most of us, you must indulge in this link before the letters expire and roll off the page.)

18 February 2002

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