Yes, okay, I am a little behind on my email, but when I do get to digging through I find beauties like this (thanks Rob!). I wish I’d written it, but I just want to make one point clear: No. Selig has NOT suffered enough.

It would be wrong to nominate the dead baby in this sorry tale for a Darwin award, but he was carrying some miiiiiiighty defective genetic material there. And this woman as as many votes as you do!

The Nation’s got an absolutely hysterical column on “news personality” Cokie Roberts (buh-bye!) that’s worth your time. For those who have avoided the journalism stylings of NPR’s golden news retriever, I swear to you that it really was this bad.

From the folks who brought you the Face On Mars… the Starbucks conspiracy! (In other news, sorry for not keeping up with either blog; I foolishly scheduled my apartment move right before a lovely case of bronchitis. On the bright side, if you’re reading this you’re at least able to understand what I’m trying to say; all I can do in person is croak and gesticulate…)

Many years ago, children, in the 1990s, police officers filmed beating on folks were front-page news across America. (For the record? We didn’t care for that sort of thing.) In the era of compassionate conservativism and John Ashcroft, however, you’ll have to read about it from the UK. (UPDATE: The guy who shot the video has been arrested in LA; the police say it’s unrelated to the video. Sure. Unrelated. Just happened to see the guy and know about stuff in Placer County, and thought we’d bring him in. LA’s fucking finest, ladies and gentlemen — without even the wit to do their dirty business somewhere besides IN FRONT OF THE CNN AFFILIATE. And they carry firearms!)

Helen Thomas, long-reigning doyenne of White House journalism, isn’t exactly a notable hothead. Perhaps that will help people who shy away from the big picture to buckle down and read what she’s got to say about the way things are going.