Holy socks, someone actually fell for that Nigerian banking scam. I pity anyone doing business with a law firm dumb enough to hire this broad, and I must ask again how I can know so many honest and intelligent people going around unemployed when dingbats like this one are employed. (Well, she was employed. Not so much now.)


Support Internet Radio! Take a couple of minutes to send a letter to your Congresscritter, asking for a stay of execution on the unfair royalty rates set by the Copyright Office earlier this year. It’s simple to do and I will count it as your Good Deed for the week. Get to it!

Says here that all the world’s natural blondes will be extinct by 2202 — the victim of a too-recessed gene. Who ya gonna tell all those jokes about then, sparky?! (UPDATE 2 Oct 02: Tee hee, a hoax! Love it. Notice BTW that the debunk comes from a Seattle paper — land of the Scand.)

Check out SammyDMan — a nice kid, an articulate kid, getting threatened by schol administraors for keeping what they referred to repeatedly as a “b-log.” Nice to know this child’s parents’ tax dollars are being well spent to employ utter idiots, and nasty ones at that. I’m hoping to follow up with the writer himself; stay tuned.

Randy Moss: The guy plays when he wants, and apparently threatens cops when he wants. Seeing as he’s so down with the carefree lifestyle, I suggest the Vikings finally step up and give him his walking papers — not only for the good of the NFL, but so the guy can devote even more time to these productive leisure pursuits. (But can we keep a football out of his hands? Oh, wait, he did that himself during the last Vikings game. Loooooooooser.)

Some serious cheese-blogging action tonight — check the link for details. (I get back a cholesterol report <200 and all hell breaks loose around here.)