…in which Sweet Lou delivers the M’s best play of the season…

Some serious cheese-blogging action tonight — check the link for details. (I get back a cholesterol report <200 and all hell breaks loose around here.)

Start clueless, stay clueless: A dot-com “reporter” confesses that she didn’t know the difference between doing PR and doing journalism. Sic transit the new economy. I’d call her an idiot, but singling her out seems so… futile. What disturbs me more is that she and hundreds of others like her are still taking up valuable desk space.

More tales of classist evil from survivors of 9/11 victims, some of whom are enough to make you wish there’d been some sort of Family Day at Cantor Fitzgerald on 11 September 2001. Let’s recap, mmmkay? In death all men are equal, mmmkay? So you will take your $3 million and shut the fuck up about deserving $2 million more because they were especially capable of future earnings, mmmkay? Your loved ones’ lives weren’t worth a bit more or less than those of the lowest-paid dishwasher’s assistant at Windows On The World. Deep existential thought? Yeah, deal.

Recapping: Death comes to all. All equal in death. Death not disproportionate when visited upon the white and expensively educated. Future promised to no man; future earnings doubly not promised. Shut fuck up now. Thank you.

Now It Can Be Told: I’m pleased to announce that the column formerly known as Net Ethics (YIL, R.I.P.) has a new home at Consumer Web Watch. I’ve always wanted to be a dot-org kind of person! You can see the inaugural number here. Letters and comments welcome as always.