Don’t know who Jill Stewart is, but I’m liking her brand of tough love. I’m mourning a terrible loss from September 2001 too: Many of my civil rights seem to have been beaten to death by John Ashcroft. Will anyone light a candle for me? (Better still, perhaps someone could light an effigy of John Ashcroft. I’ll bring the marshmallows.)

Now, this impresses us: A Pennsylvania paper has canned a hater. I’m no Ann Coulter fan, but this editor’s note explains the paper’s position in a way that even those closer to her political “views” should be able to appreciate.

I took the Polygeek Test and scored a 64 percent, which is a lot higher than I’d thought. (Past the “geek liaison level, which is where I’d have expected to land.) I suppose it’s a measure of geekitude that I’m rather proud of this result. Nerrrrrrrrrrd.