A Texas Tech professor’s being sued because he won’t provide a letter of recommendation to a creationist. The student in question, who apparently wants to be a doctor, sniffles that “I really don’t see how believing in the evolution of humanity has anything to do with patient care or studying science.” Ladies and gentlemen, this would-be physician’s name is Micah Spradling. If you are ever at some point in the future seated in a doctor’s office and see that name on a diploma, RUN.

Being a vegan is a stupidmaking idea, and now we have proof. (No need to follow this link if you’ve ever tried to navigate the parking lot at Seattle’s PCC Market; you already know all about vegans and brain damage.)

The weekly journalist’s prayer: Oh dear Lord, thank you for not making me a daily-news reporter; grant that I may always eschew turning in insufficiently researched puffery in the guise of true content, and if it please You keep me from slaying anyone in the production department, even the ones who cry out unto Thee and me for a good beatdown. Amen.

This “Which OS Are You” test seemed cute at the time, but then it had the damned gall to call me Apple DOS. I want to hurt something. (Apparently that something would be my non-nerd cred. Kind of like steamrolling a caterpillar, but there you go.)

Uninformed, pseudo-artistic bloviation about technology: As long as people are getting paid to do it, I will get paid to debunk, subvert, critique and otherwise correct it. Selah. (This from the woman who wrote about :/RUN this week, yes, but at least I explained what small congruence that film had to reality. And I’m just finishing up A Reader’s Manifesto, so I’m prone to particularly high levels of self-righteousness right now. And the Packers should be in the Super Bowl. And just bear with me, aaight?)