From the Ow-My-Neck files: Folks in East Texas are already complaining about respiratory distress and burns from shuttle debris; surely the lawsuits are not far off. (Disgusting, isn’t it, that some people assume that any contact with a tragedy makes it a tragedy about them, by which they mean a chance to win a settlement sufficient to upgrade their doublewide?) About the breathing problems I’ll withhold judgment (even though I have significant doubts), but burns? Excuse me, you dumb rednecks, but did you get the message about NOT TOUCHING THAT STUFF?! (Of course, this sort of retardation may be a Texas specialty: Bush’s Pentagon’s got an idea about playing with “usable” nuclear warheads. Attention Texans! Shuttle wreckage is dangerous, don’t touch. Nuclear bombs are dangerous, don’t detonate. This means you, bubba; wishing doesn’t make you radiation-proof.)


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