Not-Surprised-Times-Two Dept.: A Tampa television reporter took Fox News to court over her firing, essentially alleging that she was canned for not adding misleading and/or false information to a piece on bovine growwth hormone in milk. The court in Florida said she had no recourse. Okay, let’s check the scorecard:

1. Fox News is spreading lies again.
2. A Florida court doesn’t care about truth.

Yes, I woke up in the twenty-first century today. Whew. Confused there for a second, what with the Garanimals Terror Alert back down to yellow (except for those naughty New Yorkers who persist in not supporting the war in sufficient numbers). But maybe it’s silly to kick about it; not like Fox is racing for the bottom all by themselves… (UPDATE 3 March: Really not by themselves. NBC = No Bush Criticism?)


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