Any person with brain cells can see her way clear to flipping out about the current state of affarirs, but I leave it to Aaron McGruder to do it so very entertainingly. Good to have company on the long way down.

John Tierney’s being a bit slow when he tries to understand why we all laughed at the Level Orange terror upgrade last month: “Those people who responded with contempt did so because of an ‘infantile yearning to be allowed to remain passive while the government takes care of us,’ said Peter Sandman, a risk communication consultant based in Princeton, N.J. We want Tom Ridge to make the problem go away instead of telling us to prepare, he explained, and it’s not because we’re afraid.”

Oh, sakes. John? Pookie? You’re allowed to discount stupid opinions in your articles. (It is, in fact, your job. The part of the brain that processes words is supposed run faster than the part that makes the clicky noises on the keyboard.) Now go find some people who don’t live inside your Rolodex or your head and they’ll fill you in. (Hint: Think cynicism. We all love duct tape, but we’re fairly sure it can’t “take care of us” in case of genuine disaster; problem is, we know the government cannot.)

I’m crazy with the USA Today blog over here, but I did step away from the computer long enough to watch the mother of one of the newly dead Marines hand Tom Brokaw and the rest of the news media, their collective ass for being insensitive to the families of servicefolk. She made grown anchors and generals CRY. I hope someone archived that. (UPDATE: Indeed. Yay USA Today!)

Just walked into the other room to find my cat RAPTLY watching the Al-Jereeza newsfeed. I once had a cat that meowed fulsomely at Jesse Jackson whenever he made televised speeches, but this beast is creeping me. Lucky I don’t have John Ashcroft on speed dial. (Puts a whole new light on the Carnivore thing, doesn’t it?)

Not that I’m not blogging war-related stuff (just not here; give me a little while and I’ll give you the link), but I don’t want this one to slip by: Today of all days it is announced that an original copy (no, not an oxymoron; read the article) of the Bill Of Rights has been rescued. How nice for the historical artifact; damn shame no one’s caring about the living law. (Update: The link.)