Two things on this: 1) Jimmy Guterman, awww… and boy do I miss Media Unspun, especially these days. I’m just saying. 2) Is there a point at which folks stop saying “McPaper” or is that something you get used to, like the consumer-ed bias against trade books?


You’ve almost got to feel sorry for North Dakota some days. Perfectly pleasant state (in a lots-of-quiet-and-space way), and the only time they make the news of the world is when one of the state’s 73 residents opens his mouth and stupid comes out. Would you believe this got picked up by a paper in Buenos Aires?!

This is seriously the end of an Internet era:, the News and Observer, is leaving us. First newspaper on the Internet? If not, very close; they wre arounf in 1994 when I wrote that book, and I somehow thought they’d never leave. Thanks for everything, guys.