Salam Pax: Damn right someone should offer him a writing job. W00t!

Holy socks. People are just leaving planes laying around full of gas and with the keys in them. Is my mom in charge of this airport?!

OH NO! Folks, Reading Rainbow is a wonderful show and it doesn’t deserve to die for lack of funding. If all geeks within the sound of my keyboard will kindly open their wallets — if not for the love of literature, for the love of Geordie — we can at least help out.

So I’m sitting here watching ESPN and listening to Mike Lupica huff and puff in the Vijay Singh vein — wnats us to know that Annika Sorenstam is all about marketing. Yeah, pookie, that’s something no boy athlete ever does. (Oh, and the hits just keep coming: Barkley’s up there very pleased with himself for answering a hypothetical question with a statement along the lines of “well, that’s not the case!” — after which he was startled to have the exclusion of women in various sports compared to the exclusion of blacks. Can a ball player be punchdrunk?)