OH NO! Folks, Reading Rainbow is a wonderful show and it doesn’t deserve to die for lack of funding. If all geeks within the sound of my keyboard will kindly open their wallets — if not for the love of literature, for the love of Geordie — we can at least help out.


So I’m sitting here watching ESPN and listening to Mike Lupica huff and puff in the Vijay Singh vein — wnats us to know that Annika Sorenstam is all about marketing. Yeah, pookie, that’s something no boy athlete ever does. (Oh, and the hits just keep coming: Barkley’s up there very pleased with himself for answering a hypothetical question with a statement along the lines of “well, that’s not the case!” — after which he was startled to have the exclusion of women in various sports compared to the exclusion of blacks. Can a ball player be punchdrunk?)

Hey! HEY! Christmas is coming, right? Hanukkah? Or you wanted to get me a housewarming gift or something? (Hell, get me a house. Don’t have one of those yet, heaven help us all, especially the poor guy at CIA headquarters who’ll have to talk me out of striking a small camp on the lawn here in northern VA.) Anyway, this is both lovely and tasteful, and I would be sure to send you a very nice card.

Salam Pax lives! Hurray!!! He’s managed a huge amount of writing during his offline time; as ever, entirely worth your time. (And not only for the phrase “the sex life of palm trees makes me weep,” though that’s certainly a draw for the rest of us hay-fever sufferers.)