You know me — no cable, no Direct TV, no problem. But I have now seen Bob Costas’ new show and I take it back. The first night’s lineup had Robert Wuhl, Ron Shelton, Susan Saradon and Tim Robbins (just adorable together) from Bull Durham, talking baseball and free speech; a discussion of NCAA-to-NBA recruiting with Jim Boeheim and Carmelo Anthony (nice kid); and John Cusack. Just yeah. If 12 weeks of America’s best sportscaster is all we get in today’s graceless TV age, well then thank HBO and block out the 11:30pm spot on Friday. You really have nothing better to do.

Salon's Patrick Smith (and his readers) ponder the meaning and appelation of geekitude: “A reader — cynical, astute and maybe a bit paranoid — comments: “I thought geeks were computer nerds. I am beginning to see that perhaps being a geek (or a nerd) means doing or knowing absolutely anything useful, and the term is now used to describe anyone who does not use charisma, manipulation, charm or forcefulness as their means of achieving a position in society.” Sing it, brother. He goes on in the next paragraph to ask, “Besides, how many geeks get to carry guns to work?” A rhetorical question that I hope stays that way, but thank you as ever for playing.

Father Mychal Judge died on 911, and now there's a movement to have him canonized. I'm digging it, especially as I contemplate the idea that Queen Isabella of Spain (a complex woman who both advocated some very early, very advanced human-rights idea and sponsored the genocide of much Latin American indigenous culture) is up for sainthood. Father Mychal's most excellent and relevant prayer is also included on this site. And he'd be an openly gay saint, which is damn cool too.