Listening to the guy on CNN talking about the Kobe Bryant case, saying that a) for 200 years we’ve had equal justice for the rich and the poor in America, and b) this woman (that would be the 19-year-old rape victim) will “have to go on trial.” A little while after this I got into a discussion with a couple of folks about the nature of God. I declared that God wasn’t interventionalist in any way quantifiable by human values. I said this in part because the guy on CNN didn’t drop dead with maggots writhing out of him. On camera.

The All-Star game is still minutes from starting, but already Fox has upped the ass quotient with an extraordinarily unwatchable promo starring Sean Connery and the rest of the cast of the Ishtar-level-bad League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. Fox. Sucks. It would be silly of me to switch the channel over to HBO and John Cusack after that retch (especially since I don’t have cable; really fruitless maneuver in that circumstance) but don’t think I’m not tempted. Not that they weren’t already in parliament-of-whores territory squeezing in Clemens like that…

Listening to “Lose Yourself” and thinking: They probably gave Eminem that Oscar just to fuck with his head, but it really was the best original song for last year’s movie crop. I’d give a couple of toes and Barbra Streisand’s scalp to have seen Mathers’ reaction when they opened that envelope.

Yeah. Just… yeah. In fact, it may be soft-pedaling the situation. (But do hang in there for the quote near the end; I was personally floored and nodding.)