15 July 2003

Meanwhile, Sars at TomatoNation has lost her mind, though I’m in utter accord. (Wish she’d get back to the Ghost Monologues. Actually, I still wish I had written the ghost monologues. But that’s another thing.)

15 July 2003

Lawrence Lessig’s going to have Howard Dean guest-blogging for a week; this ought to be good. Meanwhile, Dan Gillmor’s got a fine RFID-related column up this week, though he may have gotten caught on the hop by Wal-Mart’s news.

Listening to “Lose Yourself” and thinking: They probably gave Eminem that Oscar just to fuck with his head, but it really was the best original song for last year’s movie crop. I’d give a couple of toes and Barbra Streisand’s scalp to have seen Mathers’ reaction when they opened that envelope.

Yeah. Just… yeah. In fact, it may be soft-pedaling the situation. (But do hang in there for the quote near the end; I was personally floored and nodding.)