You know you’re a New Yorker when you’re looking at blackout footage and you want to go HOME. Because pal, if I’m going to be in the midst of an unruly mob, I want it to be MY unruly mob.

The LA Times has a great piece on how music’s never been healthier, not in spite of the music industry’s troubles but quite possibly BECAUSE of then. The inimitable Lars weighs in, and it’s priceless: ”

“I had no idea what I was walking into, the shrapnel that would come my way,” Lars Ulrich of Metallica says now about his leadership of a legal battle with Napster. “If I had known, I wouldn’t have done it. I didn’t know there was this whole world into this. Now everybody knows.”


This is really wonderful — a non-academic has proposed a fascinating solution to Zeno’s Paradox and, by the way, a whole new notion of space and time. Even non-geeks can enjoy this account of what the guy went through to get his paper refereed.

Someone come GET me — I can't stop seeking out these flaming Gigli reviews. Nothing like a gaggle of reviewers in a free-fire zone; makes me miss the Weekly fierce-like. Best line yet: “It wouldn't have made a difference where the film ended, the problem is with the film starting.” And we've barely begun! Goes without saying that this is the most entertainment I've ever gotten out of that Affleck critter, and that includes Dogma… (UPDATE: We have a winner: MaryAnn Johanson over at Priceless.)

John Poindexter’s resigning. John Poindexter’s resigning. John Poindexter’s resigning. My employer won’t allow me to say on my personal blog how I feel about that (’cause, you know, you might somehow confuse years of opinions I can be Googily attached to from one of the Net to the other with something I’d be saying on behalf of a place I don’t yet list on my resume), but ain’t no way they can keep me from feeling it. But for the record? My views don’t represent the views of my ever-nameless employer. And by the way? JOHN POINDEXTER’S RESIGNING.