Solich finally beats Colorado and gets fired after the game? Hope all you whiny-ass bitches in the booster organization are happy with yourselves. This is what happens when you give a bunch of bowl-drunk morons access to e-mail and the Athletic Director’s office. I guarantee that a year from now they’re going to wish they’d stuck with Solich — and that Solich will be leading a Big 12 team with a Big Grudge. Go get ’em, Frank.

God, my home state is worthless some seasons. (Update: I have an idea: For the holidays: I’m going home to kick Steve Pederson in the freakin’ throat, if the players don’t handle the matter for me first. Guy had a personal beef, obviously. Christ, Steve, did Frank run over your dog or something?)


Jesus fucking Christ on a hotplate. I realize that Canada’s averse to the death penalty and so forth, but I really feel these cops need to be an exception, especially since they seemed to feel they already were. Seriously. Public gibbets. Families ransoming down the rotting corpses after a week or so. Let’s go. (Confidential to AT and RS: Read the article first, then send the e-mail.)

An excellent and accurate item from the Seattle P-I. (Though I’d argue that it was always the true geeks and creatives that were interesting, mainly because there is no subject more tedious than how to make lots of money just for the sake of having it. I remember the exact moment I noticed those people flooding into to ruin the party, and I haven’t been as happy since. And it was a long, long time ago.) Meanwhile, other people in Seattle are being brainless entirely without the infusion of big dollars. Starbucks? Cool? No, in Seattle Starbucks is a way of getting the posers to self-select out of the cool places, so I can find a seat and get comfortable. Ah, Seattle. I miss it.

Another week, another annoying broad in the Washington Post. Like I keep saying, living in DC is like being trapped in a Student Council meeting that never ends. Remember this chick from high school? I certainly do.

You know, with a name like Hax I suppose we shouldn’t expect too much out of the writer, but would some kind soul please tell this lady she’s too old to be giving advice to people living in this century? Sheesh. Wonder if she composes her stuff with a quill pen.