This is a sad story from my old neighborhood (jobs lost, yuppification increasing, lying-ass executives — trust me, the workers are right about the real-estate value situation) but I will admit that after seeing the area in which this plant is situated, which boasts a truly unsettling amount of lead and other contaminants, I kind of kicked the refined-sugar habit.

If the Sopranos crew was actually a group of garden gnomes, this is how they’d whack a guy. (It’s a message. Says Tinkerbelle sleeps with the mermaids.)

“On behalf of everyone in Avionics, I’d like to thank you for flying with us today…” I do so love NASA geeks. Okay, they got Opportunity to Mars; now it’s time to park it. Can we beat the two-out-of-three odds? (Continuing: The flight-deck jokes come thick and fast now. Adrenaline — it makes you silly!) (And continuing: w00t!) (And one more: The announcer says it’s a very foreign world, and duh, but doesn’t this region look a whole lot like Nebraska? I like it already.)

Celestial jukebox meets the Mighty Wurlitzer: Good article (a couple of errors, but then I’m far too aware of this stuff), dumbfuck NYT factchecker/copyeditor. Don’t let that stop you, but be advised that the word is “copyleft,” no space. And a smarter writer would’ve gotten into the SCO situation. Unfortunately, that smarter writer is marooned in DC for now.

Looking on the bright side of the Packers game, next season is a clean slate and an opportunity for playoff glory, but Eagles fans will *still* be a pack of Philadelphia-identified assholes. It’s like the part of the world that not even qualified to be New England, and we all know what I think of that part of the country…