This is the same fucking crackpot that said God would hit Disneyworld with a hurricane (nope, went to Robertson HQ in Virginia Beach), and then said last year’s hurricane wouldn’t hit Virginia Beach (wrong again, sparky). I seriously have to wonder what’s wrong with anyone listening to this guy at this point. Meanwhile, I’d love to have ringside tickets to this schmuck’s inevitable interview with St. Peter. And people think a Shamu performance includes splashing!

Re the end of Sex and the City, I don’t have to say a word, since Sarah Bunting has pretty much spoken for me. (Though she’s much more patient with annoying TV than I am, if she’s still tuned in.) May Curb Your Enthusiasm have mercy on my soul (fat chance) but this is the sitcom that turned me off HBO sitcoms. At least Arli$$ — yo, take that hissing sound to the Oxygen Channel — had a great premise, even if it too was all but unbearable to actually watch.

Certain state legislatures would like to keep anyone with a failing-to-disperse on their police record from getting state financial aid. Anyone who a) lived through Seattle 1999, or who has gathered in a group of two or more while b) poor or c) black, understands that this is yet another example of why the Washington Mall should be shoulder-to-shoulder with legislators (and at least one senior advisor) hanging for acts of treason against the US Constitution.