Primary night and neither Yahoo nor the NY Times has results for North Dakota. (Hell, one of the big dailies doesn’t even LIST North Dakota as having primaries tonight, which ought to lead to mass spankings in their fifth- and sixth-floor offices. If their offices were on the fifth and sixth floors in their shiny suburban office-park building, I mean. I’m just saying. Who the heck knows which paper and where they might be located?) Only the Washington Post has their shit together tonight.

UPDATE: I’m told that it’s AP’s fault for not automating the results for that daily’s convenience, and as a sop to me a link to ND results will be linked from somewhere on the aforementioned daily’s page. It shouldn’t have taken me fussing about it, though. And which is lamer, Associated Press for not bothering or the various dailies for hiding behind AP’s skirts? Speaking of AP, by the way, with 0% of the vote recorded in Arizona just before 10pm, they’ve declared Kerry the winner. Fucking wire-service retards are the bane of American journalism.


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