Chilling quotes from the president of Tribune Publishing, whom many of you already know as no friend of good journalism. He’s speaking about the Baltimore Sun, which just refuses to get with the program:

“He also says editorial employees need to realize that a newspaper as a whole must operate in a financially successful way. ‘No one likes changes and those who like it least are those in the editorial department, many of whom have seen bad changes in other places,’ Fuller says. ‘They have a mission that is unrelated to the overall mission of the newspaper.’” (Emphasis mine.)

And then these old corporate fucks wonder why no one bothers with the mainstream anymore. (No, he’s not just some elderly Marge Schott-esque coot; Catherine Black is a younger, better-coiffed version of the same toxic bullshit. [and the phrase that was here previously has been delted for religious insensitivity — sorry Wiccas, you didn’t derserve that comparison])


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