It’s starting — that big cicada infestation everyone’s talking about. I just saw my first one (sticking to the side of the building). Truly disgusting creatures. Wonder if anyone will care if I work from home ’til this lets up?


I have had an important moment of self-revalation today about the limits of family loyalty. If my sister ever went to Iraq and had herself photographed giving the thumbs-up to a sexual assault in progress (at the same time she’s getting herself knocked up by a fellow soldier, which makes you suspect that those two ought to just start saving for their kid’s therapy now), I am not going to be able to go on TV and claim with a straight face that she’s a good girl and was probably “just smiling at someone behind the camera.” I just don’t think I can underwrite that particular ticket to hell. Probably a good thing I don’t have a sister.

When I was 16, my family didn’t have cable, so instead of MTV I watched Friday Night Videos. These days, I don’t have cable, so I watch Tina Fey instead of The Daily Show. Hmm.

Cute essay on how iPod has ruined one writer’s self-esteem. However… 10,000 songs? Please. That gets you to, like, the Ms in my collection. Then again, my MP3 files are to other folks’ as crack is to a 420 habit. Not hatin’, just saying.