And verily did Bill the Rock Star come unto the city known as Boston, and he did ascend unto the dias on which He Who Is To Come shall ascend on that day which is Thursday, and verily he was introduced by She Who Shall Ascend 4-8 Years Hereafter. And Bill the Rock Star did set it off for real. And it was good.


Great Moments In WinAmp: Oscar Brand with “Democrats Good Democrats,” followed immediately by Costello with “Ship Of Fools.” Dammit, Fasc√©, what are you doing in my computer?!

Oh Jesus Mary and Joseph, my hometown paper. (Hell, my hometown.)¬†Article in this week’s Depress describing a visitor to town. First four lines below without editing, deletions, or trammelling of any kind.

Paint room installer waiting on parts

A new building sets on the back lot of A-1, Inc. waiting for the final delivery of parts, so a baked painting booth installation can be finalized. Approximately a week ago a factory representative named Josh arrived from Los Angles to complete the project. The first parts to arrive were the wrong size and the second shipment was damaged, so Josh has been in Superior longer than planned. He hails from the ghetto and this is his first time to visit a small town in the mid-west.

You’ll be interested to know that the appearance of a Mysterious Person Of Color was not the lead this week, however; instead, there was an article on Representative Osborne’s district director passing through, and how much he loves the pizzaburgers at Dairy Queen.

My grandmother faces the future with sangfroid: “I don’t want to die, but if I do it’s not going to kill me.” And then she laughs.

Nifty article in the Denver Post about those “Live Strong” wristbands one sees everywhere this week. Bright yellow can only mean Lance and the Tour de France right now, but one passage caught my eye:

“Look around and you’ll see all kinds of people sporting yellow bands, including Tour de France competitors such as Italy’s Ivan Basso.”

In one article, not one but two admirable athletes — Armstrong for courage, Basso for gentlemanly conduct. Nice.