A long silence over here. Meanwhile, Steve Jobs continues to be antiChrist. In Seattle, the new library (ahhh) has a donor wall, and the two biggest donors were Mssrs. Gates and Allen. Any idea where that Bezos guy was when they passed the hat, or does he honestly think that selling books is the only responsibility he’s got to them?


Back from Fifth HOPE and still dealing with sleep debt (not to mention the usual site perplexities). I filed reports on Friday and Saturday and Sunday, though Sunday’s definitely sounds like the work of someone in serious need of her knee brace, and perhaps a nap.

Those poor pookies at the NYTimes don’t appear to be enjoying their long-overdue enema. On behalf of hard-working freelancers, trade-mag vets, and other media-industry riffraff, Dan Okrent’s very existence gives me hope for the moral arc of the universe actually bending, as promised, toward justice.