“While we must assume such a threat exists generally” — my God, possible terrorism really has become an excuse for anything this administration or its corporate masters want to justify. It was a lot funnier when the anything-goes line was “…or the terrorists will have won,” wasn’t it? That was with an election three years away and the populace paying close attention and asking for answers, though; with an election coming, a scared and docile electorate is better for their purposes.


Would someone explain to me why DC-area restaurants don’t put their hours on their takeout menus? I realize this is a town in which the ability to worm out of things is highly valued, but they can’t commit to their CLOSING TIMES?!

Man, I knew US News & World Report was kind of an ass newsmag, but this is ludicrous. For the record, kids? It’s a bad edit. Fledgling reporters DO NOT make $100K/year in DC (or anywhere else). Way to make young journalists of color look like whiny brats, USN&WR. I’m sure it wasn’t intentional.

On geekiness (sort of), from Leonard Cohen: “Seriousness is voluptuous, and very few people have allowed themselves the luxury of it. Seriousness is not Calvinistic, it’s not a renunciation, it’s the very opposite of that. Seriousness is the deepest pleasure that we can have. “

I was already exceedingly fond of Laura Love’s work, but… damn. Who do you listen to that’s more admirable than she? And how much are you about to quit whining about your own personal misery?