A very fine essay on the inherent instability of Islam, brought to my attention via these new Hookie awards the NY Times is giving out. Worthwhile reading all (some of them I caught the first time around, but not this one). I’m eager to see what else they turn up.

I know this is an old story, but I’d never heard the whole thing before: How a graphing-calculator application became part of the Mac. It’s also a great illustration of how truly Apple folk love their platform, as well as Exhibit A of what it truly means to be a hacker, in both the computer and the social-engineering senses. Read it already. Your day will brighten and your faith in humanity will be restored.

An extraordinary sermon (yes, Tony, I said sermon; yes, Rob, I implied Christian, though actually it’s Unitarian) that lays out what seems to me a particularly astute analysis of where we are and what happens next — if we do act, or if we do not. Read it. Spend time with it. Forward it vastly.

Oh NO — I thought this was all settled. Elmer’s Flying Espresso is a wonderful espresso bar and it really isn’t impeding a thing. (If she’s impeding traffic, what about those godawful non-information info kiosks? Those seem much worse to me.) I certainly signed the petition while I was out there last. I hope things are resolved. And you may be sure that I’ll be blowing off the two interlopers mentioned.