25 February 2005

Just saw higher-def, fresh-outta-the-control-room cut of the first show. Thoughts on how TV looks before it gets squeezed into the box in the living room: My co-host is right; it makes a difference. (And my thanks to same, BTW, for pointing out that a blog post in Draft had somehow loosed itself onto the live site. So much for typing tired.) All video should look this crisp and detailed, and one day it will (recent judiciary reining-in of FCC notwithstanding, and wasn’t that an intelligent ruling?!). HOWEVER, the folks who say that makeup and so forth won’t have to evolve are entirely delusional. Trust me — combine lifelike clarity with the ability to stop and zoom in, and NO ONE looks, um, dewy.

In fact, if you’ve got em, facial and hand scars (and yes, wrinkles) seem to be cast in even deeper relief. And let’s don’t even start on the hair thing. Am considering wearing bicycle helmet through rest of season. I’m thinking Tina Fey and Bill Murray ought to start a coalition — and if they do, I’ll build the Web site. You will, however, have to take my word for it; whatever TV you’ve got, you ain’t getting this broadcast. Not at this resolution. And that’s fine by me, even if my co-host doth protest the lack of it.

25 February 2005

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